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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Problems with "my Account" and TXT notices in Library System

Currently users are not able to access their correct library account online via their LibrarySearch login. This means you will not be able to see a list of your loans or renew or request online, or see your favourited library records. The same problem is also stopping our TXT notices service from working.

Please note it may appear that you are logged in but you will not be logged in correctly unless your full name displays in the top right hand corner of LibrarySearch.

The problem has been caused by changes made to Unitec's Peoplesoft system which is not under the control of the Library but is connected to the LibrarySearch login system. A solution has been identified and we are working to implement it as soon as possible.

We apologise for this.In the meantime please contact us by phone (815 4185 ) or email (library@unitec.ac.nz) to renew your books or place a request.

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