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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

ScienceDirect and Scopus unavailable

On Sunday 29 August the ScienceDirect and Scopus databases will be unavailable from 12.30 to 9.30am, due to scheduled maintenance.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Library Survey Results

The results of the Library survey that was carried out in May 2010 are now available. The Report states that "The Library recorded an overall score of 79.1%. This places Unitec Library in the top 25% of libraries that have surveyed with us over the last 2 years". 

This is an outstanding achievement given the level of our resourcing against the 37 benchmarked libraries (4 NZ university libraries; 28 Australian university libraries; 4 Australian polytechnics; one Australian tertiary health services provider). This result proves (among other things) the value of what we're doing and the way we are working for our users.  Unitec chief executive Rick Ede wrote: "Congratulations to the whole team for an excellent result and for having the courage to brave the waters!"

What next?
The Library has determined the 'factors for improvement' it will prioritize. Our short list includes the state of the facilities at Building One, which had a number of comments made about it. We are also focussing on the following categories from the survey:
  •  'I can find a quiet space in the Library to study'
  • 'A computer is available when I need one'
  • 'Printing, scanning and photocopying facilities in the Library meet my needs'
  • 'The items I'm looking for on the library shelves are usually there'.

I want to express my thanks once again to everyone who took part in the survey. To see the full survey report, click here.

Peter Hughes
Library Director