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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Turnitin for Students

Turnitin is an online tool that you use to check your assignments for originality. Your teacher may ask you to use Turnitin with a class enrolment ID. To do this you must first get the class enrolment ID and password from your teacher, and then create a Turnitin account. How to access turnitin to check your assignment for originality.

If you do not have a class enrolment ID and password from your teacher or you do have specific class access but wish to check a draft before final is submitted you can use the Library's draft dropbox on Turnitin to check your work prior to submission as follows:
1. Contact the Library (libinfo@unitec.ac.nz) and get the Library class ID and password,
2. Create an account at www.turnitin.com, or if you have an account with Turnitin already, enrol in the 'Draft Dropbox' class.

For more help with Turnitin, check out the student quick startguide or the Turnitin student tutorials online, or contact libinfo@unitec.ac.nz

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