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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Promoting Unitec's research talent to the world

Latest developments

Unitec's Research Bank enables anyone in the world to access Unitec research. The Research Bank is an open access repository for Unitec research managed by the Library.  Below are some of our recent developments.

Names of authors and supervisors link to staff profiles

We recently added new functionality to link Research Bank authors to the author’s staff profile in the Unitec Staff Directory. For example see this record in Research Bank, if you click 'view profile' next to the authors name you will go to their profile in the Staff Directory. We also have have links to the research supervisor's profiles, for example see supervisor link in this record.

Google Scholar links to Unitec's Research Bank

Research Bank items are discoverable via Google Scholar. For example, see this google scholar search and note the 'researchbank.ac.nz' link to right of the 'Garden city' title in the list of results takes you to the full-text item within Research Bank, while the title links to the entry record. Research Bank items are also able to be accessed via NZResearch.org and other global Institutional Research Repository (IRR) aggregators such as OpenDOAR and Scirus.

Usage of Research Bank in 2012

Below is an update on the usage of Research Bank in 2012 with comparisons to past years. 

Top web browsers

There has been a notable increase in the use of Chrome which now outstrips Firefox! The top 5 web browsers used by Research Bank visitors* in 2012 were:
Internet Explorer - 34%
Chrome - 27%
Firefox - 25%
Safari - 12%
Opera Mini - 0.68%


Visits and downloads

We had 33,465 visits* to the Unitec Research Bank in 2012 (blue line) compared to 24,148 in 2011 (orange line), which is an increase of 30%. Only 19.74% were returning visitors*, which is substantially less than Unitec Library’s other web services. The institutional research repositories (IRR) of AUT, Otago and Waikato University also have a much higher percentage of visitors who are new compared to those who are returning.

As can be seen from the table below, from 2011 to 2012 the number of file downloads almost doubled and page views have also increased substantially. The 3 authors most downloaded were: Jenny Ritchie (20,691), Sven Damm (8,599) and Ken Blaiklock (7,673).

file downloads
item page views
All dates
Top 3 items viewed
Top 3 items downloaded

Search behaviour

Infographic of top 50 words entered into Research Bank search box

Items contributed to Research Bank

We now have a total of 803 items in Research Bank. We added 243 items in 2012, which is a slight increase on the 237 items added in 2011.

The top 10 contributors to Research Bank since its inception are:

•  Papoutsaki, Evangelia (22)         •  Blaiklock, Ken (12)
•  Ritchie, Jenny (20)                     •  Potangaroa, Regan (12)
•  Cass, Philip (18)                        •  Roy, Dianne (9)
•  Fernando, Achela (15)               •  Woodruffe, Paul (9)
•  Fitzgerald, Tanya (14)                •  Cardno, Carol (8)

More information

Please note:

* the information in this report is mainly from statistical data provided by the Research Bank system. However, some was sourced from Google Analytics and this has been marked with an asterisk .

** Research Bank is open to the public and is not the same system as ROMS which is an internal system for managing Unitec research outputs. Research Bank staff in the Library and ROMS staff in the Research Office work together to avoid duplication of effort.

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