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Saturday, May 17, 2014

How to access previous exam papers

On 17 May Unitec introduced a new website. However the pdfs for the past exam papers are still on the old website and the address of the old website has changed to http://www.1.unitec.ac.nz/ -  ie a 1. is now between the www. and unitec. Unfortunately the links from our LibrarySearch records to the pdfs of past years exam papers have not yet been updated with the new address. We hope to have the links in these records updated within a week. However in the meantime please follow the steps below to access the correct links.
  1. Go to LibrarySearch and select the Exams tab.
  2. Enter the relevant Course Code, e.g. ALAF 5270, or Course Name, e.g. Economic Principles. 
  3. Click Search button and locate the record for your course
  4. Click View Online to see a list of links to past exam papers for each semester
  5.  Right click on the link to the exam paper you wish to view and select "copy link location" (Firefox) or "copy shortcut" (IE)
  6. Click on the link for the exam paper you wish to view
  7. Enter your username and password if you are asked for them
  8. Open a new window or tab on your web browser and Paste the link you copied earlier into the address bar
  9. Add a 1. in between www. and unitec (see example in screenshot below)
    eg if the original link is:
  10. Press enter and the pdf of the exam paper should display

We apologise for the inconvenience this change has caused.

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