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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Download Library eBooks to your iPad, iPhone or eReader

Did you know you can download many Unitec Library eBooks to your iPad, iPhone or eReader? Our three main eBook suppliers (EBL, ebrary and Books24x7) have a range of approaches as follows:

EBL allows downloads using Adode Digital Editions but often the book must be read online for 5 minutes first or if it is expensive Library approval may be required - see more about EBL books.

You can now download permanently parts of ebrary books - the same number of pages you are allowed to print. And for most books you are able to download the entire book for up to two weeks, without charge (some publishers aren't allowing this feature). eBooks from ebrary can be downloaded to computers and devices including the iPhone, iPad, Kobo, Nook and Sony Reader, but not the Kindle. Downloading complete books requires installation of the free software Adobe Digital Editions, in the same way as for the EBL collection. For more information, see Ebrary's training presentation, or this blog post from Princeton University..

Our eBooks from Books24x7 are currently only able to be viewed online. The supplier has a new  'On Demand platform' with a 'Chapters to Go' feature as well as mobile device compatibility (Books24x7 On The Go), which we are reviewing and may introduce next year - please email us if you would find this useful.

You can tell if an eBook is from EBL, ebrary or Books24x7 by placing your mouse over the title of the Book in LibrarySearch - see the picture below for an example. More about Library eBooks.

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