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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Main Library rearranges its collection

Group study area before the changes
- a large open space with lots of tables
As part of a move to provide more usable spaces for students within the main library, the collection is being weeded and re-arranged.

The journal collection from upstairs will be moving downstairs, closer to the photocopiers/scanners.

The collection upstairs is being pulled through into the old group study area to create smaller  group spaces, with the books on the shelves providing a noise buffer.

Work commenced last week, and will continue over the next few weeks as all the collection is reorganized.

We are excited about how the library layout will look and feel to all our staff and students.  We apologize for the noise and disruption these changes may make.

If you have trouble finding a book on the shelf, please come up to the desk and ask.  Library staff are also happy to help.

The journals have been moved providing a study area with lots of natural light

A work in progress

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