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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Student Computer Centre Hours (Mt Albert Campus)

Hours for the Student Computer Centre (SCC) in the Hub (Mt Albert Campus) for the First Semester 2014 are as follows:

Monday - Thursday:  8am - 9pm
Friday:                    8am - 6pm
Saturday:                9am - 4pm
Sunday:                  CLOSED

On Saturdays the SCC will be staffed by the AskIMS helpdesk (on other days it is staffed by Library student computing advisor Hemant Patel, assisted by Lyle and Erick). 

As a general rule the SCC drop-in lab will not be available on Sundays this year. However the Main Library in B110 will be open every day including Sunday. It has 42 computers and 4 MFDs as well as laptops for loan. See full details of Main Library hours and SCC hours.

We are continually looking at how we can improve the SCC service and space (within budget constraints), and we welcome your input. If you have any questions or feedback, please email us at library@unitec.ac.nz or feedback about SCC online.

For more about the SCC go to: http://library.unitec.ac.nz/scc


margaret Wilson said...

Hi Anna
Thanks very mcuh for the update. One question:
Was the SCC under-utilised on Sundays? There are many students who don't own computers and rely on Unitec ones to do their work. Are you confident that the 42 computers in the library will be adquate?

Anonymous said...

Hi Margaret

Thanks for your questions. We do an hourly headcount in the SCC. In 2013 the SCC had an average of 11 people attend at any one time on Sundays. That represents about a 10% occupancy. Although at certain peak times (just before Easter and for the 4 weeks before exam time) numbers rose to above 25 during some Sunday afternoons. We will be taking this into account along with monitoring computer usage and student feedback. If needed, we may consider opening on some Sunday afternoons, dependent on staffing.

Our statistics indicate that the Main Library's 42 computers and 32 Laptops should accommodate students who are looking for a computer on Sundays, except perhaps at the peak times stated above.