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Friday, December 05, 2014

New Library System has gone live!

Hurray – The new library system has gone live! Read on for a summary of how finding books, requesting, borrowing and renewing has changed.

Finding books

You can still search for library books the same way in LibraySearch, but after you search there are a few changes to the results list as follows:
  • A new tab called "Find in Library" has replaced the old "locations" and "request" tabs.
  • Use “Find in library” for more about where to find print books and journals (including their library shelf location) and request options
  • To request items, log in at the top right of librarysearch, and go to 'find in library'>'request'
  • If we have more than one edition/version of a title, click the title link or the “view versions ” link (on the right) for a list. The latest edition should display at the top of the list.
You still use “View online” to access ebooks and ejournals, and 'Details' to see the full catalogue record of the book or item.

Finding Databases and eJournals:

  • Find databases for your research in your subjects's study guide. We are phasing out the 'Databases A-Z' list in April. However we are cataloguing the databases so you will be able to find and access them by searching LibrarySearch
  • Find eJournals by searching the catalogue, or using the 'eJournals A-Z' linked from LibrarySearch top menu

Handy new borrowing features:

  • Items will be automatically renewed 3 days before the due date, unless someone else has requested it or you’ve reached your renewal limit. If it can’t be renewed, you will receive an email so you know to return it.
  • You can ask to get a due date receipt emailed to you from the desk. We will no longer print due date slips at the desk but you can opt to get a printed due date receipt when you borrow books at the self-check machine.
  • You will receive a monthly email listing your current loans and the total balance of any outstanding fines as at the date of the email. You can also check your library account online by logging in from the Library webpage.
NOTE: If someone needs an item you have, it still gets recalled. We will contact you with a new, earlier, due date by email. You must return a recalled book by its new due date or you will incur very high fines.

More information about borrowing is available at: http://library.unitec.ac.nz/services/borrowing.htm

Questions and feedback are welcome – post a comment to this blog or email library@unitec.ac.nz


Anonymous said...

unfortunately the new online library doesn't seem to be working .... just a tad embarrasing

Unitec Library said...

Our new cloud based library system is updated monthly. There was an outage on 3rd of January from about 5pm to 9pm to install the monthly update. we apologise for not notifying users of this outage. From now on we will notify users in advance of future outages via our facebook page and via this blog.