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Friday, July 24, 2015

Pay your library fines and fees via internet banking

You can pay overdue fines or the replacement fee for your lost library book via internet banking. Just enter details into your internet banking payment system as follows:

Account name: Unitec Institute of Technology
Unitec Bank account number: 06 0287 0317573 00
Particulars*: Enter either
Your Unitec ID Number (eg 1406568 )

Your Unitec username
an example of a student username = millej15
an example of a staff username= jmiller 
Code*: 198000 90LY
Reference*: Your name (The field is limited to 12 characters. If your name is longer abbreviate the first name to one letter, eg J MILLER).

*Important Notes:
  • It is very important to include the particulars, code and reference above so the staff in Unitec accounts know what the payment is for and we can reconcile payments with our library system.
  • If you pay by internet banking there may be delay of several days before your payment shows on your Library record. This is because we have to check the payments in Unitec finance system and then manually enter them into our Library system. We hope to have a more automated procedure in the future.
See more about library fines and fees here: http://library.unitec.ac.nz/services/fines.htm

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