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Tuesday, September 08, 2015

Find resources for your study, teaching and research using our enhanced Databases A-Z

We recently upgraded our Databases A-Z. 
Databases A-Z is a tool that you can use to find databases that Unitec Library subscribes to.* These databases have scholarly articles and other information to support your study, teaching and research.

How to access Databases A-Z
Links are available on these pages:
  1. Library homepage (listed under Search heading).
  2. LibrarySearch (top right)
  3. Subject and study guides (listed as one of subject and study guides).

In Databases A-Z you can:
  1. Search databases by keywords, eg. database name or description.
  2. Filter the list by Subjects, Database Types and Vendors/Providers.
  3. Browse the list by initials (first letter of database name).
  4. Share the link of the database.
  5. Access the database by clicking the title
  6. Find the description of a database under its title.
(Click image for a larger image)

What do the icons mean?

There are icons next to some database titles listed in the A-Z.  See the picture below for a description of what each icon means.(Click image for a larger image)

As well as being accessible via the A-Z , the databases the Library subscribes to are also linked from the Library Subject Guides. We link the subscription databases from several places as it is important these expensive resources are highly accessible and well used so we can continue to justify paying for them.

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