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Monday, February 11, 2019

Lost Library Book Amnesty and Changes to Overdue Fines

Lost book Amnesty

From 11 February 2019 to 31 March 2019 if you bring your lost books back we will waive all overdue fines connected to the books so you will have nothing to pay.

Changes to overdue fines

From 11 February 2019 we will no longer charge overdue fines for 'general loan items' unless the item is recalled by another library user. 'General loan items' are on the open shelves in each of our Unitec Library locations.

Updated overdue fines amounts

Reason for fine Fine per item Maximum fine
Overdue general loan items No fine No fine
Overdue 2 hour short loans - course reading items on short loan / desk copy items 50 cents per HOUR $50.00
Overdue 24 hour short loans* $4.00 per day $50.00
Overdue 3 day short loans* $4.00 per day $50.00
Overdue recalled items - ie items that another user has requested to borrow $1.00 per day $50.00
Overdue interloan items 20 cents per day $20.00

*Fines on short loan items
For short loan items the fine is calculated from the time overdue and increases for each day following. For example, an item returned 20 hours late will incur an $8 fine - $4 for the overdue hours on the day it was due, plus $4 for overdue hours on the day it was returned, irrespective of the time the item was originally issued. 

Lost item fines after the amnesty

Once an item is overdue for 8 weeks, the library considers it lost and the borrower will incur a replacement cost charge. If the item is returned the replacement cost is waived. Usually overdue fines will then be applied. However, from 11 February 2019 overdue fines will not be applied for general loan items after a lost general item is returned.

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