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Monday, March 02, 2015

Course Reserve is changing (Teachers please note)

Course Reserve is the name the Library uses for course-related items that are kept at the desk for issuing on short loan. Course Reserve (Short Loan) items are a subset of Course Reading Lists.

Course Reading Lists

Our recent library system upgrade enables us to display your entire Course Reading List on LibrarySearch. We can link to items online (such as ebooks) as well as items physically located in any part of the Library, not just Course Reserve items held at the desk.

To access a Course Reading List just select the ‘Course Reading’ tab in LibrarySearch and search for the course code, course name or lecturer name.

Submitting and checking your Course Reading List

For Semester One 2015 please email your Course Reading List to the administrator (see below). Remember to include your course code and name. If you require items to go on Course Reserve please see the instructions below.

If you have already provided us with your reading list for Semester One 2015 please check your reading list on LibrarySearch now. If you need to make any changes please contact your administrator.

Course Reserve criteria

At the end of 2014 we removed all items from Course Reserve (see NEST notice 18/11/14). This semester we are putting items back on Course Reserve when they meet these criteria:
  • The item is in genuine high demand – that is, it has been borrowed at least 10 times in the previous year (or 5 times in the previous semester) and it is required or recommended reading for a course being taught this semester.
  • The item was purchased recently and it is required or recommended reading for a course being taught this semester.

  1. There is a limit of 15 items per course for Course Reserve.
  2. Some items are permanently kept on Course Reserve, for example, if difficult to replace due to high replacement value. These items are not always restricted to short loan periods.
At the end of each semester, items on Course Reserve will be returned to the open shelves. They will remain on reserve only if you notify us before the end of semester (see below).

Putting items on Course Reserve

To put items on Course Reserve please use the Course Reserve Request Form and follow the guidelines for articles and copyright compliance.

Procedure to ensure items remain on Course Reserve

Items will only remain on course reserve if:

  • you confirm before the end of the semester that the course will be taught the following semester
  • the items come within the above Course Reserve criteria
ALL Items will be removed from Course Reserve and returned to the open shelves at the end of each semester unless the above procedure is followed.

Can I get a list of the items on Course Reserve in 2014?

Click here to download a spreadsheet of all items on Course Reserve in 2014. Scroll down the list or use ‘find’ to jump to specific items on the list. Note the column that indicates how many times the item was borrowed. If the item was borrowed more than 10 times and the course is being taught this semester the items may have been put back onto Course Reserve for this semester. Please check LibrarySearch to see if items are in a Course Reserve location.

Contact people:

Please discuss your course reserve and course reading needs with the Library Knowledge Specialist for your area.

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